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Hello everyone! We at Focal Point Photography are excited to start sharing our perspectives and pictures with whoever stops by.

Focal Point is based in New Hampshire, in the east coast of the United States. Being surrounded by trees, mountains, wildlife, and the Atlantic Ocean, we couldn’t help but capture the beauty of it all and start to share it.

Featured Photography

Standing Guard

New Castle, NH

Above we see the Whaleback Lighthouse, located off the coast of New Castle NH. It guides incoming boats away from Gerrish Island, a small island responsible for wrecks recorded as early as 1733.

In this light, one can imagine the tower behaving as a soldier on sentry duty. It stands day after day, warning today’s mariners like it warned sailors of old.

As serious as the lighting and framing makes it, the Whaleback Lighthouse is also a comfort to those who know it as a sign of safety.